Before any project can start, we discuss your expectations and determine what objectives and goals must be reached. Our project kickoffs are structured to encourage open dialogue to clearly align our vision with the expectations.

We make the creative process easy to understand.

And because we’ve worked with clients in a wide variety of industries, clients trust in our experience to deliver the right solutions for their creative needs.



Knowledge & Research are the cornerstones of our work.

Through research, we find a competitive edge for our clients to match their needs with consumer wants, authentically and naturally.

Over 11 years ago, we built Rapture Studio around our understanding of consumer behavior and designing and developing web products that align with consumers. Mixed with our years of experience, we provide extensive research and analysis of our clients’ competitors and target audience.



Strategy and careful planning ships products to market, on time and on task.

We believe in engaging our clients every step of the way, from knowing what we are doing and when, to understanding each phase and requirement of the project’s development.

We manage the complexities of the creative process by creating a thorough strategy. From creating target customer profiles to user experience strategy to design and content strategy, we manage the day-to-day to execute on the creative vision to surpass client expectations.



Design creates an experience. It taps into emotion, speaks to people, and can influence them towards a desired action.

We have years of experience in research-based design that allows us to create unique design work to achieve strategic business and communication goals.

We have a wide range of industry experience in designing creative, interactive web and mobile experiences.

Our work encompasses a variety of artwork styles while using only purpose-driven design and communication.



Developing websites and web applications is about user experience.

We develop our code with an eye on performance, standards, and accessibility.

We guide our clients by eliminating the jargon and confusion inherent in new technology.

Our technical specs are understandable to programmers, marketers, & executives.

We develop using standards-based HTML5 and responsive frameworks, making any website or application scalable on a variety of devices, from desktop to iPad to iPhone/Android.



After months of hard work and anticipation, there’s nothing worse than to discover you’ve launched a website that breaks on load or is buggy.

Our testing procedure is extensive throughout our entire build process, whether it’s on our servers or in the cloud.

When our websites and applications launch, they ship ready for customers to use.