AALRR: Redesign Awareness


Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo is one of California’s leading law firms, serving both public sector and private companies. They have a wide range of practice expertise with more than seven offices throughout California.


The Approach

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Presentation Story and Design Concepts
  • Template Design and Production
  • Chart Pack and Assets
  • Multi-format Presentation Development
  • Custom Graphics and Assets Creation
  • Style Guide
  • On-site Training

The Challenge

With client expertise in the public sector, as well as with private companies, AALRR has grown rapidly throughout California. But they don’t just provide traditional legal guidance, they get ahead of litigation by teaching awareness and prevention through customized corporate trainings and seminars.

To better support their trainings and seminars, AALRR wanted to update their presentation style and materials to help them present a more updated look and feel as well as quickly customize trainings for different clients and audiences.

The Solution

AALRR hired Rapture Studio to redesign their PowerPoint templates and train their staff to quickly create new training presentations. Our first job was to understand their standard presentation flow and what content could change depending on different audiences or companies. In learning the materials well, we discovered how many template slides could be cut back and how many template elements could be designed to be more modular. We designed a new PowerPoint presentation template system, with a unique variety of slides that would effectively communicate AALRR’s training material. We used color sparingly, but made use of representative graphics and photography to elicit an emotional response to communicate context, behaviors, and feelings that most attendees could identify with. To support AALRR staff in the implementation of the new presentation template system, we provided a hands-on training day. But rather than a run-of-the-mill training, we taught tips, tricks and techniques and had everyone bring in presentations they were working on. We were able to teach the new system with live content, helping everyone conceptualize the information presented and choose the right template slide to tell the right message. We kicked off their new presentation system and seminar strategy by giving a keynote and demonstration to all 140 of the firm’s lawyers.

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