Oracle: Designed Insight


Oracle is one of the largest enterprise software companies in the world. Oracle has built a world-class business around simplifying and unifying the complexities around IT, database, business applications and intelligence.

Oracle Oracle Oracle Oracle

The Approach

  • Process Flows
  • Concept Designs
  • Presentation Story and Design Concepts
  • Prototypes
  • User Interface Design
  • UI Component Design
  • Template Design and Production
  • Chart Pack and Assets
  • Multi-format Presentation Development

The Challenge

Expanding business, especially in an organization as large as Oracle, requires rapid improvements and fresh strategy to keep far ahead of the competition. Few companies do this as well as Oracle, which keeps close watch on the competitive landscape and the needs of their customers. Their culture is built around constantly improving at all levels of technology, business communication, and sales channels.

When Oracle hired Rapture Studio, we were tasked with creating presentation and communication templates to interface internally with other departments and externally with Oracle clients. We were also tasked with designing and developing a new user interface and graphics assets to compliment Oracle’s already robust Intranet environment.

The Solution

At our core, we love simplifying the complex using design to communicate business and technical concepts understandably. To communicate Oracle’s business intelligence and strategic client services throughout an organization that employs over 100,000 people globally, we had to understand internal dynamics of the Oracle culture. We started by designing simple yet modern presentations and interfaces. In any sales environment, people need flexibility, so we developed a unique presentation system giving sales and consulting teams a flexible graphics assets library with colors complementary to the Oracle brand. We took Oracle’s many complicated technical implementation structures, software diagrams, and overall technology stack and condensed them down into hundreds of technical graphics and templates, utilizing custom shape objects, intuitive flows and custom iconography. We were able to develop enough assets to clearly communicate the complexities of IT, hardware and software to technical and non-technical decision makers alike.

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